Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Flash Animated ecards

So my good friend, and fellow "The Those Guys" member, Matt Spangler is in charge of the freelancers over at a company called They have a whole lot of cool cards and invitations that you can send on-line, for free no less. Matt let me do some flash animation freelance for him and I just wanted to let you guys check them out. Also check out all the cool stuff Matt has done already. Matt is really doing it up. Thanks Matty.

Mikes Cards

Matt's Cards

P.S. I hear through he grape vine IO might also be doing some cards in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

Mike Roush


Matt Spangler said...

Mr. Roush you have been doing top notch work. Awesome stuff, thanks for the Evite plug.

Justin Ridge said...

You two are rockin' it!! Great stuff guys!

Brian Growe said...

haha! wow those look great! you both are doing such wonderful work!

Dik Pose said...

Rock on..

Gary Ham said...

These are great guys! It's nice to see some well done and animated flash cards. The texture look you got on the owl is fabulous. That's tough to pull off in flash. Love the giraffe one. So cute!

This is very much the kind of stuff I do for my day job, reward animations, small animations and such, so I can totally appreciate these and the effort that went into them.

Amanda Grazini said...

Cool stuff here!

Love it!

Wayne said...

You guys SO rock!!!

Dee C.K. said...

Awesome stuff Mike!

Janice Kubo said...

Awesome cards Mike!!!

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