Friday, August 04, 2006


The Premiere of METALOCALYPSE is this Sunday.
For those who aren't in the know. Dik and I work at a studio in Hollywood called Titmouse. We have been working on a new show for [ADULT SWIM] since January. The show is animated in Flash and is about a metal band, more popular than the beatles, that goes around the world in their giant dethcopter breaking stuff. Check it out.

It is on Sunday at 11.45pm on [ADULT SWIM] right after "Robot Chicken" on Cartoon Network.


Mr. Spangler said...

cool can't wait to see how it does, nice work guys.

Dik Pose said...

First episode is not one of my faves... but it starts to get better later... still a fun enough show! We rock again Mike!!!

Chris_Garrison said...

Congrats on this! (found on Wikipedia) - "The Metalocalypse premiere was the #1 rated show in its timeslot among males aged 18-34, and earned the network's best premiere delivery and ratings to date in 2006. Among the top ad-supported basic cable programs of the week, Metalocalypse ranked #12 among men 18-34 and #6 among men 18-24. The series premiere ranked #30 for the week among adults 18-34." So rock on.