Monday, October 15, 2007

Shot #23

I'm still hard at work but I though I might post a little something that I was working on today. This is a Grasshopper that makes an appearance in shot 23 of my film. I got the idea for having him in my film one day I was out location scouting. I found a beer bottle on the side of the road that was full of these dead grasshoppers.

The bottle was probably thrown from a car and landed in the grass. Since it was the desert I think they all must have gotten trapped inside looking for something to drink. I thought it was interesting so I poured out a pile of exoskeletons and took a picture.


Israel S said...

Cool, I like the semi-realistic design of the grasshopper.

Matt said...

that pile is gross and cool, at the same time...nice drawing

Kevin said...

nice gasshopper. I am looking for a grasshopprer image for my website. If interested, please let me know