Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tree Trimming 2 Show

Opening this Saturday at the JFlynn Gallery in Costa Mesa is the "Tree Trimming 2" show. It will feature one of a kind Christmas ornaments created by a number of artists including Calef Brown, Jaime Zollars, Megan Brain. Here are some pictures of my ornament, "Twohead Christmas" made out of wood and painted with cel vinyl. Come check it out, the opening is from 7-10PM.


mikeroush said...

freakin sweet! you should do one like every year and then in only 60 year you would have a IO themed xmas tree. Then you would die of old age the very next Christmas.

Israel S said...

I like that idea, except the dying part. I guess that means I would live until I'm 90 though.

Gary Ham said...

this is amazing Israel!LOVER everything about it. Huge fan of your designs and wooden craftmanship. Any chance it is up for sale?