Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No one cares.

We still love you TTG CHICKEN!!


Blogelow said...

HOW'S CON???????????????????????????

Matt Spangler said...

TTG Chicken forever!

Con went well, but not great for Mr. Chicken.

Ry-Ry said...

Sooooo glad the stink was caught on video! We will all miss the chicken very much...the best is the end when the chicken says "NO ONE CARES!"

VIVA LA POLLO!(I'm hardly Mexican)


chia said...

After beating his addiction to blow, his widely publicized divorce from Valerie Bertinelli and his more recent split from Ashley Tisdale; it's nice to see the TTG chicken getting back to his roots. Sure he'll have to work conventions for a while, but when the public is ready (and ready to forgive that little incident in the Disneyland restroom) he will be back on top in no time! And it's all thanks to Oprah's The Secret!