Thursday, November 16, 2006

TTG Chicken Gots A Job!

Hi there I just recently had gotten the chance to catch up with the Famous TTG Chicken this week! I am doing a report on "Poultry in the Workplace" and discovered that THE TTG Chicken has a second job as a Administrative Tax Filing Consultant. Here is the interview:

Are you still apart of TTG?
Yes very much so, we are all part of the same coop!

How long have you had this 2nd Job?
Well being a TTG doesn’t pay the bills…so I felt I had to spread my wings a bit. That was 8 months ago!

Who is your Favorite TTG?
Mike Daley

When next years Comic-Con come around will you quit your job?
No I will just ask for time off. I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

What are you doing in preparation for next years Comic-Con?
What everyone else does. Talk about what I am going to do for 10 months and then do something totally different 2 months before Comic-Con starts!

Well it was great to talk to you.
Thanks and I’ll see you at Comic-Con 2007


Mr. Spangler said...

wow for a chicken you are so smart! Mike Daley IS the best TTG.

Israel S said...

Nice suit!

Mac McCool said...

MIKE DALEY???? He's an egg!!! And a goofy one at that!!!

Dik Pose said...


Justin Ridge said...

That chicken is soooo dreamy....