Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Super Hero" *Illustration Friday*

Happy New Year!
I haven't done this (Illustration Friday) for a while and I didn't really have time to color so i did a quick pass at it. This idea just kind of stuck me as funny! I remember as a kid I would do this and pretend I was flying. Until the day my face got too low and it slid on the dirt below...that was not fun! This makes me think about how now a days parks are WAY to kid friendly. What ever happened to Dirt, Grass & Asphalt. You know stuff that can hurt you but not kill you. Now the ground is all rubber and the play sets are plastic...back in my day they were metal. Remember sliding down a HOT metal those were the days!

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Dik Pose said...

Metal slides ROCKED!... and so did all asphalt fields... I never had grass in a playground til I was in 4th grade...

This piece is dope, finish it up real nice for yourself, its a keeper.

Israel S said...

Metal playground equipment puts hair on your chest. I like how the arc of the swing chains echoes the hill's shape.

katzenjammer studios said...

hahaha. i used to be able to do this. man, playgrounds did use to turn boys into men, and girls into men.
nice throwback.